Aurat Foundat official Rabia Hadi Scandal

Aurat Foundat official Rabia Hadi Scandal

Victim family of Karo Kari deprived of justice at the
hands of Aurat Foundation and Women Journalist Pakistan.
Aurat Foundation official Rabia Hadi accused of taking
signature of the victim family on blank Stamp Papers and usurping the financial
aid in the name of this victim family


Rabia Hadi shifted blame of embezzlement of financial
aid on chief operating officer Naeem Mirza. AF official claims no one can take
any action against the organisation’s misdeeds because the media is on their
Myra Imran, lady reporter of "The News" played a key
role in publicizing the fake support of Aurat Foundation for this family by
writing a long piece in "The News" in return for a foreign trip arranged by non
other than Aurat Foundation.
The victim family seeking justice has threatened
immolation if justice was not provided to it.

family of Sindh composed of a helpless woman along with her two-year son and
other family members is braving the bone-breaking cold weather of Islamabad in a
bid to get some justice. The family is staging a sit-in in outside National
Press Club for the last one year running from post to pillar in search of
justice but alas the champions of human rights and the proud members of
so-called media watchdogs are in the fore fronts in exploitation of the already
victimized family.

The woman official, Rabia Hadi from well known Aurat
Foundation (Woman foundation) the name itself depicts an image of some sort of a
platform craving for protection of woman rights joined by another woman Myra
Imran (a journalist who recently formed a controversial Women Journalist Forum
for vested interests), has just used the victim family for own

The heart wrenching story of this Halima Bhutto belonging to
Ghotki, Sindh started when her husband in a bid to usurp her property had
leveled fabricated charges of Karo Kari on the behest of an elected member of
parliament. The helpless Halima Bhutto after failing to get justice in Sindh
came to Islamabad for saving her life and seeking justice along with two-year
son, mother and a brother.

The innocent woman banking on shining slogans
of “free judiciary”, “free media”, " Civil Society organizations” dreaming about
justice found herself, her small kid and family members shivering on cold
footpaths of the capital City pushed none other than same shining slogan
raisers. Speaking to "Ashsharq", an Urdu newspaper, Halima Bhutto alleged Aurat
Foundation of minting huge money from foreign donors in her name while her
family was only handed over Rs 20,000 (twenty thousands only). She further
accused an official of Aurat Foundation, Rabia Hadi of getting her (Halima’s)
signatures on a blank stamp paper and taking monitory commission from the money
provided to the family.

For covering up this injustice blocking it from
popping up into the media, the said NGO reportedly availed the services of Myra
Imran (who is known as un official PRO of NGOs in the media circles of capital).
The lady reporter got her news item published on August 17th, 2010 in "The News
International" wherein she proudly projected few NGOs including Aurat Foundation
claiming that funds has been arranged and victim family of Halima will be
provided a two-room house in G-6 Islamabad with the financial aid from Aurat
Foundation, Rozan Foundation, Nomad Art Gallery, and National Commission on
Status of Women. The unfortunate family could not get the shelter despite tall
claims of NGOs and superb news item in "The News" but who cares as long as Ms.
Myra Imran got a glittering tour of American facilitated by none other than
Aurat Foundation along with media statement of support by Aurat Foundation for
her controversial “Women Journalism Pakistan forum”.

It is to be mentioned here
that under US has provided funds to Aurat Foundation for highlighting cause of
woman journalists in Pakistan under its Gender Equity project for which the AF
has launched a project in this regard. Women Journalist Pakistan forum was also
formed for grabbing the funds for so-called advocacy and other such show off
activities and formalities in the name of working for woman journalists rights.
Earlier, the lady reporter gave coverage to a book launched by AF under the name
"Kaari Nahi, Shaheed Auratein (Not Kari but Martyred Women)". Who knows, for the
next edition of said book, they need another martyr in the shape of Haleema

On the other hand Rabia Hadi of Aurat Foundation, who is
reportedly launching her own NGO soon, when contacted for her version she
shifted the responsibility on Chief Operating Officer of Aurat Foundation for
collecting the financial aid meant for the victim family saying in a threatening
tone that everyone in National Press Club Islamabad knows the foundation and NO
media person can raise voice against its anomalies.
Zahran Mai the mother of the victim Halima Bhutto helplessly threatened to
set herself along with family members ablaze in protest if they were not
provided justice hoping to shake up the champions of human rights and justice by
sacrificing life.

The questions are:
Who will be responsible for loss
of life ?
Who is responsible for murder of justice ?
Who will make these
so-called champions of human rights and media persons accountable for their
crimes ?
For how many Myra Imrans and Aurat Foundations will keep on
befooling the world and Pakistani women in name of protection of their rights
Who will question them their credibility ?

Seeking answers to these
questions Halima Bhutto’s eyes ask for help from every passing person outside
National Press Club. Hoping to see Federal Government and Chief Justice of
Supreme Court of Pakistan taking suo-motto action in her case, Halima tirelessly
hold the banner with appeal for justice.
Rabia Hadi of Aurat Foundation can be contacted at
0333-5534401 and Myra Imran of "The News" at 0346-5002242.
Report by:
Nadeem Chaudhary
Journalist, Islamabad.



All details and photographs, etc are here:

Nadeem Ch.

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