A latter for Malik Riaz Ahmed Bahria Town Owner

A latter for Malik Riaz Ahmed Bahria Town Owner

Dear Malik sb,

First of all I must show my respect for u for establishing behria and working in such a noble spirit for ppl of Pakistan from all walks of life. I respect u and I have heard that u protect yr residents like anything.. Right now I need urgent attention. You have created a living concept in Pakistan which is spreading itself by the word of mouth by its residents and happy customers but now THINGS R GETTING LITTLE DANGEROUS HERE WHICH NEEEDS YOUR URGENT ATTENTION. I am v hurt as yr resident. I was attacked by one of the PSO workshop laborers here yesterday and had a bleeding nose injuries i went to hospital right after. My Honda City lzu 8541, model 2005 is still there on the work shop the engine is totally open and I am v worried that I will get the car back in the right repaired situation or not. The pump owner mr Iftikgar was nice to me but the manager of the work shop was careless until this whole episode took place.


I went to security bleeding and colonel Tanveer sent two mobiles with me but the laborer munir had escaped. Later when the manager called him for patch up on the insistence of the petrol pump owner he did come back. This shows that how manager protected his staff on a wrong stance. The laborer apologized in a fake tone but the humiliation physical injury that I have gone through as an educated citizen, belonging to a respectable family cannot be satisfied with this.

I have been humiliated physically hurt and my confidence of living in a superior society have shattered bittery. I need some decision from you to restore my confidence on this issue. There are many other issues which can prevail in a typical LDA society but never in Behria which is aiming to establish itself as the best residential society. We are facing many issues here. i shifted here in July 2010. Since then i have been speaking v nicely and literally advertising Behria as the best (which is true also) to many friends and family members. From the last few months Behria was noticeably growing fast. But suddenly the sentiment is going towards the negative side. You may not notice but we can tell living here. We discuss in r offices also. I can give u firsthand knowledge as a customer. In my block two major thefts in the houses has taken place in just two months (one house was of a DSP.

The thieves even damaged the doors of the house) while the occupants were away for just few hours. The other house was of a common salaried man who lives abroad and his wife and working son lived in my lane. We are dead scared. Colonel Hamid was separated and now Colonel T anveer has taken charge. I am a resident of Ali block sector B, 353 house # , contact # 03334298051. I am in a state of shock and there is a lot of more inconvenience that i am going through.


There r many other issues which should be known to your good self before its late. I am on a managerial position in a telecom company and many people like me can raise voice i see many helpless and confused ppl. I have bought a house here planning to invest further and i still believe that Behria is a good place but the issues should be handled otherwise we will be compelled to make other choices. My best friend was selling off his house in Alama Iqbal town and was planning to move here but now looking at my problems he is highly confused about his decision. Kindly consider. Please someone listen to me and guide.

Our complaint center does not let us reach Malik sb. I got this e mail and i am writing on i in desperation i pray and hope THAT IT DOES NOT GO UN NOTICED OTHERWISE I WILL BE VERY DISHEARTENED.

Regards, Mansoor Ilyas

Phone No : 03334298051

Email:  send2mansoor@hotmail.com

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