Black Sheeps of Pakistani Media

Black Sheeps of Pakistani Media

Najam Sethi:

Najam is considered as a champion of yellow journalism in English print and electronic media. A pseudo intellectual who has always been used by the establishment for planting their stories in the media for the purpose of disinformation, twisting/distorting facts and diverting attention of people from real issues. Najam Sethi runs his weekly newspaper Friday Times and actively write in Daily Times.



The team that went to the United States to defend the illegal acts of Musharraf after emergency+ could not find anything in Pakistani Media to support them except an article written by Najam Sethi against deposed Judges.

Nazir NajeeNazir Naji:


Nazir Na ji is considered to be the Urdu version of Najam Sethi. With under metric education and working as a columnist, he claims himself as a lobbyist and is well known for spreading negative journalism. He is also known as a LOTA in journalists community for frequently switching sides.


After the events of 12th May 2007 in Karachi, Nazir Naji was the only journalist who defended the actions of MQM in the Pakistani Media.

Saleem ShahzadSaleem Shezad


Saleem is the bureau chief of Asia Times in Pakistan and the the only lucky reporter who receives emails from terrorist groups claiming responsibility of attacks. Click here for more on Saleem Shahzad …

It is extremely important that everyone knows about these black sheeps so that we can counter their strategy to hamper the movement of lawyers and civil society for restoration of judiciary and for upholding the rule of law in Pakistan.

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