Male Teacher  Harassed by Neighboring Woman in Islamabad

Male Teacher Harassed by Neighboring Woman in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A school teacher Wednesday filed an application in district court for registration of First Information Report (FIR) against a close friend of his wife and whom he accused of  harassment. Additional Sessions Judge Riffat Sultan Sheikh asked Station House Officer Margalla Police Station to investigate and submit an inquiry report on the issue.
The applicant Iftikhar Ahmed stated in his application that he was a teacher at a Federal Government (FG) School and lived in G-9 along with his wife and three children. Another family of Muhammad Akram and his wife Zubaida lived in a nearby flat. Zubaida would frequently visit his wife and helped her in household chores.

Ahmed claimed that on the night of May 28 when his wife and children had gone back to their native village in Sheikhpura, Zubaida came to his flat ostensibly to fetch her shawl that she said forgot in Ahmed’s flat. Ahmed told her that her family was away and when they come back his wife would return the shawl but Zubeida insisted and said she needed it urgently.


She said she would look for it herself so Ahmed let her in, she checked but could not find it. He said that he told her his wife goes to his native village and she came back after few days; when she came back she bring her shawl. Ahmed said that in her reply she said that she required the shawl urgently if you don’t mind she look in to his house. Ahemed claimed she tried to seduce him so he slapped in her face and purged her out.

Ahmed claimed that she tried several times to persuade him to have an intimate relation and at last threatened to tell his wife that Ahmed harassed her. He said that Zubaida blackmailed him and asked for money which he provided just for the sake of his reputation. He gave her 7 thousands but she wanted more and more.


He said that after suffering excessive physical and mental agony and harassment, he submitted an application on June 1 to SHO Margalla but to no avail. He said that he was forced to submit an application addressed to Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) under diary No 9125/11 dated 04-06-11.The said application was marked to Margalla police Station officials, The police officials called him on 05-06-11 to the police station where Zubaida and her husband were already present. Police tried to patch up the issue but to no avail. He finally moved to the court to lodge an FIR.

Subsequently, the court ordered SHO Margalla to submit an inquiry report on the matter by June 13.

Contacted, Duty officer at Margalla Police Station ASI Shaan Muhammad confirmed that he had received the application by Ahmed against Zubeida and revealed that in fact Zubeida’s husband Mohammad Akram owed some money to Ahmed and this complexion of the issue delayed the registration of FIR.Daily times.

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