UN Should Implement the Resolution on Kashmir

UN Should Implement the Resolution on Kashmir

FROM 1989, when the present phase of Kashmir struggle began till January 31, 2009, over 92,700 people have been killed; 6,953 of them in custody, 115,972 arrested, 9,850 women molested and 10,568 houses and other structures razed to the ground in the ongoing state terrorism unleashed by India to quell the just struggle for Kashmir freedom being waged by the Kashmiri people for implementation of the UN resolutions.


Besides, several top APHC leaders were eliminated, and those who are alive have survived many bids on their lives. Despite all such coercive tactics and oppressive means applied by India , the Kashmir liberation struggle is still raging on. The new surge in struggle witnessed in the backdrop of Shrine Board, which rattled all political pundits and analysts. This wave gave impetus to freedom struggle across the lengths and breadths of the state. The youth are at the helm of the affairs. It was entirely a peaceful movement. The uprising was so forceful and powerful that it even shook some inner circles of Indian power corridors, intelligentsia and civil society activists within India . Indian writers, including renowned analyst Aruna Ditty Roy went to the extent to ask India to grant the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination. India , instead of paying heeds to such sane calls, resorted to new terror tactics against the innocent people of Kashmir , killing many more including renowned Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz, and wounding still hundreds others.


Ironically, the support that the international community should have extended to the peaceful demonstrators of Kashmir, could not be materialized, giving India the concession to spill more blood without any let-up. The factors which contributed to it, among others, were also the failure of the Government of Pakistan to mobilize the world against Indian atrocities in Kashmir .

On the contrary, the Government has been giving concessions upon concessions to India, which instead of demonstrating any reciprocity and flexibility, stepped up efforts to crush the peaceful struggle on one hand, and to deprive Islamabad of water by constructing dams on the rivers flowing into Pakistan, on the other.

  India did not stop here. It is also fomenting terrorism inside Pakistan through its consulates located on the other side in Afghanistan . In such a state of affairs, the government of Pakistan , embarking on a new comprehensive policy, should have exposed Indian designs to the world. Contrarily, our rulers are signing the mantra of friendship with India , a policy failed to find any backing from the APHC leadership, not to mention Syed Ali Gilani.

In the face of growing terrorist activities inside Pakistan, especially in Balochistan and FATA, being perpetuated at the behest of India, Islamabad should now call a spade a spade, making it clear to Indian rulers that enough is enough; it needs to expose India’s hegemonic and anti-Pakistan designs to the world with all evidence. Recent Manawali police station and Qaddafi Stadium attacks, according to CCPO Lahore, were the artifact of Indian intelligence agencies. The CCPO Lahore has held India responsible for these attacks with authority, yet our high-ups are tight-lipped, not to mention PM’s advisor on Interior who is always shy of citing India ’s name.

It goes without saying that the role of US is also dubious over Kashmir dispute. No doubt, President Obama immediately after his election as President described Kashmir as the world most important issue and vowed to appoint a special envoy for Pakistan and India on Kashmir . But sensing the Indian displeasure over his remarks, President Obama dragged his feet from the previous position and tasked Richard Holbrook with the affairs of Afghanistan and Pakistan with no mention of India . Now Obama is contemplating solution to Kashmir dispute on “standstill” lines to pursue Pakistan to deploy its forces on Afghan border after pulling out from eastern front. US wants to indulge Pakistan in the war against Taliban which it failed to win in Afghanistan . With the increasing chances of US failure in Afghanistan , the pressure is more likely to pile on Islamabad for an LoC-based settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

In such circumstances, it is more important that the government as well as the nation should remain watchful lest any solution to the Kashmir dispute thrust upon Pakistan with malafide. If the efforts for KashmirKashmir has already launched a right to self-determination campaign, focusing on acquiring at least one million signs of the people ( from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit & Baltistan and Kashmiri Diaspora abroad) on a document to be later presented to the Parliament of Pakistan and world forums. The campaign is going on in Azad Kashmir with all success. The JI has also convened a conference of all major religious and political parties of Pakistan and Kashmir in February 2009 in Islamabad , which was duly attended by all renowned leaders and scholars. The conference on the occasion unanimously passed a resolution on the basis of which, JI AJK also prepared a dossier, which has so far been signed by tens of thousands of people. Several rallies have been staged and seminars held in connection with the right to self-determination campaign. The campaign will last till this June. The people are asked to put their signatures on the points:
solution are to be made, they should be for a solution within the parameters of the right to self-determination theme. There is the need of joint efforts by all political forces, media persons, civil society activists and religious scholars in this regard. Jamaat-e-Islami Azad

  • International community should stop India from unleashing state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and help secure right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir , instead.
  •  The Government of Pakistan, in pursuance of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision, should formulate Kashmir policy and extend all support to the Kashmir liberation struggle.
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit· & Baltistan should be made base camp for the liberation struggle.

    The campaign seeks following targets to be accomplished:
  • To muster maximum public support for Kashmir cause.
  • To wage struggle for finding out a solution to the Kashmir dispute on the basis of right to self-determination which has gone to backburner in the face of Indian propaganda and Musharraf’s flawed policies.
  • To encourage the people of Kashmir as well as the APHC leadership, battling against Indian occupation, that they are not alone in their just struggle for right to self-determination.
  • To force the Government of Pakistan to fulfill its responsibilities vis-à-vis Kashmir liberation struggle through public opinions.
  • To pursue the AJK politicians to perform their duties in view of Kashmir struggle.
  • To make Gilgit & Baltistan also the part of Kashmir struggle and wage struggle for their rights as well.

  • To prevail upon the UN, OIC and other international fora to shun their silence and double-standards and stop India from perpetuating atrocities on innocent people of Kashmir .

    This is a national cause. Our country is being pressured from different sides to abandon our claim on Kashmir, a demand which, if fulfilled, will not only be a betrayal to an over 120 millions people of Kashmir but also to Pakistan itself. All the rivers flowing into Pakistan originate from Indian occupied Kashmir . New Delhi is already pursing a policy aiming to deprive Pakistan of Kashmir’s river waters. It is constructing dams one after another on these rivers. If India is not stopped from its misdeeds today, it will be disastrous for Pakistan tomorrow. Therefore, all writers, columnists, scholars and opinion makers need to spend their energies on “saving Pakistan by saving Kashmir ”.
Abdur Rashid Turabi is Ameer of Jamaat Islami, Azad Kashmir

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