Who is Marvi Sermid

Who is Marvi Sermid

The name of the lady in the above program is Marvi Sermid and she is in the field of journalism from the early 1990’s . She has  worked for many newspapers including The News, Jang and Khabrain etc!

She is the project manager of UNDP in Pakistan and representative of SAFMA

Apart from the above given program, her other views are even more controversial and she has been wandering in our beloved country without we even knowing. We should at least thanks Zaid Hamid for bringing us the filthy reality of these RAW backed journalists even if some of us may be against him!

Now, we will post some substantial evidence against Marvi Sermid, which will be enough even to get her HANGED according to Pakistan Penal Code.

In a program, she 


Supporting gays and lesbians in this program,

At another place this lady is trying to justify the detention of Aafia Siddiqui and the release of the killer Raymond Davis.



Miss Marvi Sirmed shamelessly called Muhammad Ali Jinnah , a secular person while check this article,  Click here  In this artcile you will get enough evidence that Quaid-e-Azam was not at all secular!


Do you want any more proof that they funded and backed by RAW? But wait we have more to share with you!

About 3 years ago, India did the Mumbai drama to defame Pakistan in the international community and prove that they are supporting the terrorist. All the fifth columnist media outlets and person supported the Indian stance and SAFMA is one of them!

Click Here to see their stance on Mumbai Attacks

The tone of SAFMA is completely against Pakistan, they are worried about terrorism in Mumbai, but millions of Kashmiris have been killed and raped over the last 64 years but they don’t utter a single word about it !!

From who can we expect such behaviour? Obviously RAW agents!!

Even the Jammu & Kashmir based newspapers have questioned the silence of SAFMA about the Kashmir issue Click Here!

Silence about Kashmir, but talking about the insurgency in Balochistan, which has been proved to be backed by RAW

Every trues Pakistan is against US and the OBL drama that happened but SAFMA is completely on the other side Click Here to see the stance of SAFMA in detail 

SAFMA’s president Aroosa Alam who is a muslim and had a love affair with a sikh and former Chief minister of Indian Punjab Mr. Amarinder Singh! This is enough to tell you how much filthy people are chosen to be the president of SAFMA. For details Click Here

Ahmed Quraishi who is widely known for his patriotic journalism says about SAFMA on his facebook profile:

“SAFMA is a platform for a minority of defeatist-minded Pakistanis who revel in anti-Pakistanism. Dr. Shahid Masood’s interview tonight with a SAFMA member has confirmed this group is an Indian implant. There should be a law against working for & receiving undeclared funds from foreign govts.”

Source: eaglesofpakistan.com/2011/08/26/the-raw-funded-nexus-in-pakistani-media-safma-exposed-detailed-report/

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