Why Media is silent on  assault by Ayaz Amir, journalist and MNA

Why Media is silent on assault by Ayaz Amir, journalist and MNA

A 14 year old girl had a press conference at national press club,Islamabad who was reportedly  assaulted by an MNA and the member of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Ayaz Amir. This incident of assault of young girl reflects the level of morality and character strength of our leaders. Who we voted to represent us in parliament but unfortunately they are using this power to victimize poor people.


This is really very sad incident but the thing that is more alarming, is the silence of our Pakistani Media. None of the leading newspapers bothered to highlight this press conference. The anchors who never miss a chance to criticize government, the way they have ignored this issue seems that they aren't neutral when it is the matter of their own community.

Video Interview of the Girl



Why we are silent? because Ayaz Amir is a journalist himself and write columns for a leading newspaper The News? Is Pakistani Media is going to protect Black Sheep disguising as a journalist. What if there would be a non journalist politician instead of Ayaz Amir, would it going to be ignored like this.

Why everybody is silent, Why anchors Hamid Mir, Shahid Masood, Talat Hussain, Asma Sherazi or any of the anchor person havent raised this issue in their programme. Why any of these aggressive anchors didnt dare to speak for poor girl.


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