Exclusive News,Veena Malik has committed suicide .

When I received a call on Saturday morning about the missing of Veena Malik. I was in two minds. Is this a truly tragic and sad story of a Pakistani girl being victimized because of her attitude or is it a case of another game for getting publicity?





Source said that she has gone missing for 24 hours and hadn't reported to her shoot yesterday. The cops were being informed about her absence. I really don't know what to make of it.

The last time I spoke to her was when I was asked to comment on her shoot. I spoke to both Veena and the editor of the FHM magazine who had commissioned the controversial shoot. I had advised Veena to report to the cops if she indeed felt victimized and also provide correct information to be circulated in the media by her PR. I was afraid that Veena May try to hurt her self, and may be she  has committed suicide like Marlyin Monroe, or any body else may hurt her..One more thing came to in my mind that maybe the  Indian intelligence Had picked her.

Subsequently, as the story unfolded, I was told by my well-wishers in Pakistan not to involve myself in this issue. My friends told my wife, Soni, that Mr Bhatt is too precious a person in the Indo-Pak cultural bridge to be commenting on Veena's issue." When the filmmaker heard the news of Veena going missing, Bhatt had two different reactions. "We are living in dangerous times.

Veena has already earned the stigma of abusing the media to serve her personal interests and any information regarding her is now being met with cynicism. People today fear to give her the benefit of doubt since they believe she has engineered a lot to fit things into her landscape of profit. If she is doing this to keep the excitement alive about her, this will turn into a farce. But it would indeed be sad if nobody responds to her even if her missing tale is true. Veena's tale could become a wolf wolf story. It will be tragic if people take her story with a pinch of salt even if she were in some kind of serious trouble."