Popular TV Host Kamran Shahid Scandal with a Mass Communication female student.

 Kamran Shahid, a talented news TV host is a son of a past Pakistan film starShahid who later also worked in PTV as a producer. Kamran Shahid who took start from morning program at PTV later joined Express News and some months earlier had moved to Samaa TV but soon was sacked by it.


Here is a real inside story why he was sacked from Samaa TV.Sources have revealed after joining Samaa Kamran Shahid asked its ownerto accompany him a researcher that can assist him for relative research required for conducting his programs.

Samaa TV provided him with a male researcher.Sources told Kamran was angry that he never asked them to provide a male researcher. So after deliberation TV management offered him the services of a freshly passed Masters in Mass Communication female student who was also the daughter of a Samaa TV worker.Kamran invited the female candidate for an interview but as she left the room she was protesting and abusing Kamran Shahid for her unfair and insulting attitude.


 Sources have also revealed that female candidate told about the unjust attitude to his family and her brothers along with other relatives stormed to attack Kamran in his office but were saved by the channel security personnel.

This was a first of such cases that led to another bitter experience that forced the TV management to sack him from the channel.This incident took place in Karachi while recording a program that eventually turned against the MQM, a political party of Karachi that uses all tactics to win support in the city and silence its critics. After 17 minutes of recording that program Samaa TV channel owner forced Kamran to stop any further recording and asked him to return the recorded Digital Video Cassette (DVC) but Kamran insisted on not returning it and abused the owner.

Owner than had to call armed security personnel to took DVC from Kamran and then put him under arrest for three days without any food.This is the inside story of a media person that you will never hear in any news bulletin of any channel. Our media persons are like this; earlier last year picture scandal of some female media persons in US embassy along with Americans had created uproar in general public.