Rubya Chaudhry does not have typical-model looks but she has a mysterious charm

Rubya Chaudhry does not have typical-model looks but she has a mysterious charm

Rubya Chaudhry does not have typical-model looks but she has a mysterious charm about herself. She may not be conventionally beautiful but she certainly has an attitude - which is necessary for a model.

She has been modeling for quite some time now. About five years back she signed up with Nabila's Creative services for commercials. Along with that she started doing fashion shoots and fashion shows as a free lanc




She got her first modeling assignment for Mag when she was only 17 (it was way before she thought of taking modeling as a career). At 20 she did shoots for many designers. But it was Arshad Tareen who actually groomed her. Her fashion shoots with Arshad Tareen were simply breath-taking which helped her gain recognition as a fine model.

Around that time (2004-5) she also dabbled into acting and has appeared into many dramas since then. One that was quite popular was '6 Degrees'; and nowadays there's a play on Geo by the name of 'Dil e Nadan' in which one can see Rubya showing off her acting skills. Now, Rubya is considered as a good actress too.

Rubya goes to the gym regularly to keep herself fit. And she drinks lots of water for a healthy skin. She also goes to the salon quite often for her manicures and pedicures, and occasionally for facials. Unlike most models Rubya is not obsessed with cosmetics or makeup. In her daily life she likes wearing minimum makeup. But she does wear kajal, bronzer and lip balm. Whenever she goes out or for a shoot she makes it a point to carry her own hair brush, lip gloss and of course lip balm, in her bag. When it comes to shopping she is actually crazy about shoes and clothes and has a good collection of designer wear and shoes.

Rubya has also appeared in 'Zibakhana' - the first proper horror movie of Pakistan. she was involved in the production and script and was also a part of the cast. She immensely enjoyed the experience of participating into shooting of the film. "The film was shot in Islamabad and we (the crew plus actors) went and stayed there for a month. I learned a lot. I made new friends. It was an adventurous journey and I will cherish those memories forever," she says.

Talking about the current modeling scene she says, "With changing lifestyle and exposure now girls from decent families are also entering into this field (thanks to senior models like Atiya Khan, Iraj, Vinny and Zoya). There is enough room for fresh faces as modeling is an ever evolving field but girls should be prepared for hard work.

"Having been a part of this industry for a sufficient amount of time now, I feel that our fashion should be more a reflection of our own culture than any other. We're in this time where I feel we as Pakistanis are losing our identity and we should take pride in who we are. We have great designers and gorgeous models and extremely talented photographers... through all of this, we can project a positive image of our country to the rest of the world." At present Rubya is taking her acting career more seriously. "Acting holds a special place in my heart. I'm also trying to write scripts, stories and concepts." In the future she would like to see herself as an established actress as she knows that modeling is short-lived.


She enjoys the appreciation she gets from the audience. "A performer is all for the audience; and when they love me and encourage me, I feel like I am on cloud nine.

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