Pakistani girls fear facebook blackmailing

Pakistani girls fear facebook blackmailing




According to the news tribe  Pakistan largest independent news website, cyber crimes are rampant across the country specially a number of educated, respectable and distinguished girls are being blackmailed.

“About 99 percent of complaints are being lodged by girls that their accounts are hacked and profile picture edited,” FIA sources revealed.

“After that indecent pictures are uploaded on Facebook and other social websites,” they added.

“Hackers also develop fake accounts in the name of these girls and after that use indecent  language while communicating with family members and friends of such girls.”

According to a survey report, there are more than 20 million Internet users in Pakistan and 5 million people use Facebook and other websites.

“FIA’s cyber crime wing receives 70 percent of complaints regarding Facebook,” the sources said and added that hundreds of girls are compelled to leave their education and attracting job after being blackmailed through hacked Facebook accounts.

A popular daily reports that five hackers were arrested on charges of blackmailing of innocent and educated girls via Facebook.

Many edited indecent videos and pictures have been recovered from their possession.

Most of incidents of blackmail occurred after culprits failed to get engaged with any girl or breaking up engagement with that girl.

“As a revenge they hack the accounts to teach a lesson to that girl and her family,” the FIA officials noted.

Many girls have been rusticated from their educational institutes and colleges after their fake indecent movies and pictures were developed and uploaded on internet.


source newstribe

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