Saudi man duped by  attractive female voice

Saudi man duped by attractive female voice

When a Saudi man picked a call on his mobile and heard a sweet female voice pervading his ear and inviting him for a date, he could not wait.

The presumed girl told the unnamed man she knows him very well but that she lives in the western town of Taif, hundreds of miles from the man’s city of Riyadh. But he still did not mind.


“He quickly got into his car and headed impatiently for the agreed date in Taif…once he met the presumed lady, he asked her to uncover her veiled face,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alokhbariya said.

“Once the veil and the gown were taken off, the man did got the shock of his life as he did not see the expected beautiful face but a gun pointing at him.”

The thief who aped a woman’s voice and five of his colleagues hiding in that area overpowered the man and robbed him.

“They took his money and his cash card, which they used to withdraw almost all his deposits….police said they succeeded later in seizing the thieves.”


source emarites247

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