Veena Malik as a s*x worker.

Veena Malik as a s*x worker.

After facing all controversies in Pakistan from TV Show Bigg Boss 4 along shooting an item song in it, Conversational Pakistani model / Actor Veena Malik has picked biographical role of a sx worker in Indian movie  Zindagi 50-50. Veena will be playing as Madhuri the role of s*x worker.



To give realistic touch Vena has been directly meeting sex workers in Mumbai, particularly Madhuri in person, for the coming film title Zindagi 50-50.

“This film has changed my life and my attitude to women and sx workers in particular.

“I insisted on playing Madhuri. Koi connect hai (some connection is there)… I don’t know what it was. But I instantly empathized with Madhuri’s responsibilities towards her large family,” Veena said.

“Maybe because I come from a family of five daughters and one son. But I understand what it feels like to be a woman in a male-dominated society. I’ve always supported myself, been on my own since adulthood,” she noted.

Veena spent hours with Madhuri to know about her dual life.


“In the daytime she’s a normal middle-class girl. In the night she puts on her burqa and goes to work in the red-light area, just like any normal working girl,” Veena added.

“I loved the dignity that Madhuri brings to her life and her work. I hope I am able to convey the same dignity in my performance,” Veena stated.Who cares about sx workers? I am appalled by the way they live in the red-light areas, not just in India but across Asia. These women deserve a much better life,” felt Veena.

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