Why Pakistani People Write in Public Toilets?



I was traveling towards Swabi from Lahore on Motorway and wondering as what an outclass and outstanding roads we have got, and the same drivers who become crazy on G.T Road or intracity roads, were driving like angels. Flashing lights of motorway cops were enough to ensure tranquil driving.

Scenic motorway is surely a gift to the Pakistanis, and it surely rocks. We stopped at Chakri interchange for some refreshment. As there was some maintenance going on in the ladies washrooms, I was told by an attendant to use the male washrooms, as they were empty at that wee hour in the morning. I went to the washroom, and encountered the same graffiti which I once saw in Murree some years ago in a public toilet on the Mall road.  On my front wall were drawn some male and female sexual organs with some comments. Below them were written some poetry like words telling whoever cared that how cool it was to be with one’s lover locked inside a washroom.


On the right side, there were some abuses, insults and other remarks for the person using the toilet. And there were lots of them. There were also written some jokes about the same poor person, who was giving answer to the nature’s call. On the left wall, there were written mobile numebrs of people, who were promising lasting friendship and love, and some even did a favor to others by guaranteeing that the number they had written belong to some girl. Mobile numbers of call girls were also written at one wall. All that stuff was surely written by many people. Blue, Black, red and green markers and ball points were used with different hand writings.

The moral of the story is that the public toilets in Pakistan are the same even on the Motorway.