Karachi -Two Trafic Police officers involved in abusing and killing of a  3 year old girl...

Karachi -Two Trafic Police officers involved in abusing and killing of a 3 year old girl...

Karachi -Two Trafic Police officers involved in abusing and killing of a  3 year old girl...


KARACHI: Two policemen belonging to the traffic police department were arrested on Sunday for killing a minor girl and dumping her body in a gutter near Gora Qabristan.

Doctors suggested that she might have been victim of gang rape before she was murdered. However, a conclusion can only be reached after a post-mortem and DNA report.

The girl ‘S’, who as her family claims was three and a half years old, went missing on Friday evening while she was playing with the neighbours’ children outside her house located in Chakra Goth, Noorani Basti, with in the jurisdiction of Zaman Town police station.

At first, her family and the neighbours approached the area’s nazim, namely Jamal, so that he may inform the local police after they were unable to find the girl, even after searching for her at different hospitals and the Edhi morgue.

Finally, on Sunday while the search for S was still underway, Naghma, who is also a child and was S’s cousin, told the family that, ‘she saw two policemen, who she identified, luring the victim by offering her toffees and also giving her Rs 5 to go with them’.

Hearing this, the angry family along with people of the area captured the two policemen for kidnapping S and thrashed them. The angry people also tried to burn them alive but the area’s police reached the scene and they were reluctantly handed over to the police.

The policemen were beaten up so badly that they had no choice but to confess to exactly where they had dumped S’s body. The body was found and shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for an autopsy where the doctors detained it for a chemical examination and DNA report.

The girl was the youngest amongst two brothers and her father had a small private business. Her family was shocked when they found the body and they appealed to the government and law enforcers to punish the culprits with iron hands also urging that they should be hung to death in public, as a lesson for others harbouring the same intentions. The two culprits namely, Constable Noor Mohammad, son of Taj Mohammad and Head Constable Bashir, son of Maher Ali, were posted at Korangi Crossing, traffic police section and Defence traffic police section, respectively. They had rented a house located near S’s house about two months back.

The two men, however, claimed to be innocent, saying that they dumped the body after they found it floating in the water tank at their house. “We did not have any idea how the girl came to our house and fell into the water tank. We found her body floating there when we woke up on Saturday morning and thought it would be better to dump her body as we were scared of the consequences had we done otherwise,” they said.

An FIR no 331/09 of kidnapping and murder has been lodged against both the policemen on the complaint of deceased’s uncle, namely Abul Hashim.

DSP Malik Maqsood told Daily Times that the doctors have reserved the initial medical report of the deceased and further medical examination as well as a DNA test will follow but the lady doctor, who carried out the postmortem, told the police that the injuries on the girl’s body indicate that she might have been raped while a mark on her neck suggests that she was tortured as well. The girl was laid to rest at the Korangi Graveyard.






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