Rain in Karachi  and failure of Mustafa Kamal

Rain in Karachi and failure of Mustafa Kamal

Rain in Karachi defense in pictures.

Pictures Posted by : Mirza Rizwan From Spain Barcelona, Cell NO : 0034 637050365


It’s easy to bask in glory by putting fear of God in the people and by erecting flyovers throughout city which tend to either collapse or have large holes in the middle of them after couple of months of  their grand inauguration.  Its easy to deliver speeches and to praise the Altaf Hussain Bhai like parrot and its easy to enjoy on the people’s money.

But it’s quite another venture when the test comes in the real manner. When the time came for the real management of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal the blue-eyed boy of MQM failed like hell. His all tall claims, showy efficiency and arrogance got wiped out with the torrent rains, which crippled the Karachi and still couple of days after rain, Karachi suffers. So much for the City District Government and its Nazim-e-Ala.

The total collapse of the city infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of the downpour speaks volumes about the capabilities and abilities of this Nazim who is so quick to send accumulated Bhatta to Pir of London. Had he spent a fraction of that Bhatta on Karachi drainage system, we would have been living in much better situation.

By: Salman Mugsi











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