Video clip- PML-N MPA scandal ? Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaulah

Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaulah has stated that a PMLN MPA who had been alledgedly involved in a scandal with a woman will not be arrested as this act was done with a mutual understanding and was not a case.







Woman had also withdrawn the allegations, so leagally it may not be a storng case , but still what rana Sanaullah has to say about the morality of such MPAs who are nothing more than a flithy creature. Earlier, Rana Sanaullah had been giving lectures of morality to people Punjab when some objectionable (as per his perception) pictures of Salman taseer and his family were released.

This is high time for Shahbaz Sharif to not only kickout such MPAs fom his party but also punish them as per the law of the land. If this does’nt happend, people will be right to beleive that such actions are being patronised by the party leadership.

Also Rana Sanullah must publically apologise fro such rubbish statements that are meant to insult people of Pakistan.

Credits: Jang and PKP