Saudi Arabian girl who looted five Banks

Saudi Arabian girl who looted five American Banks



At last the Saudi Arabian girl who looted five American banks during three weeks has been arrested. FBI detained 24 years old Rania from Roswell in Minnesota when she was purchasing a laptop in a local shopping center with the money she looted from the fifth bank. American court is going to decide the cases against Rania tomorrow (Wednesday).

Court has directed to keep Rania in prison on judicial Remand till the case is decided. It is reported that someone planned to deport Rania back to Saudi Arabia which was failed by law enforcing agencies. Rania is residing with her mom in Roswell and has admitted all the robberies. She used a unique method for robbery.

She entered the bank wearing veil or black hat and black glasses. She direct went to the cash counter and handed over a piece of paper to the cashier. The piece of paper had the following words written on it. Put all the cash you have into the bag quietly otherwise she could fire with the pistol she had in the hand bag. The frightened cashier, for sake of his life, did as he was directed. As soon as she received the bag, she at once disappeared.

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