Australian company trying to promote Sex education in Girls schools


JUHI: In Pakistan’s province Sindh a village named Juhi has total 8 schools and about 700 girls are studying. In Juhi sexual education is being thought to young girls. These schools are run by Akbar Alabadi, a leader of Village Shadabad Organization. Along this foreign Australian company BHP Billiton is also contributing for these schools.
“Sex education in the school was started by Akbar Alabadi but at start villagers have no objection on it,” said British based news agency Writers. “We cannot keep our eyes closed, this is a natural topic on which we usually avoid to talk”, said Akbar Alabadi.

Akbar Alabadi has also said that the company has nothing to do with sex education as this was the idea of villagers. But the truth is that this Australian company BHP Billiton, working on a nearby gas plant, is also contributing these schools and trying to promote sex education in the province.

Some scholars said that this type of teaching is totally against Islam education and laws. Pakistanis on social media have commented that sex education is not the solution for literacy rate in the country. The only solution for all these problems is lack of Islamic knowledge and its practical implementation.


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