71 percent  Pakistanis Favour Punishing Musharraf

71 percent Pakistanis Favour Punishing Musharraf

A recent poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan shows that the majority (71%) of a nationally representative sample of Pakistanis support giving harsh or mild punishment to the former President General Musharraf for his unconstitutional steps on November 3, 2007; 52% favor harsh while 19% support mild punishment, 15% favor no punishment and the remaining 14% did not give a view.


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The survey findings also show that while there are no significant differences in views on punishing General Musharraf across gender and age, there are notable differences across political affiliations.
Those intending to vote for Muslim League (Nawaz), MMA/JUI and ANP have higher support for punishing Musharraf, above 80%, followed by PPP voters and PML-Q voters (around 60%) and the
support is the lowest amongst MQM voters at only 19%.

The recent poll was conducted in Pakistan by Gallup Pakistan, affiliated with Gallup International Association, among a sample of 2926 men and women from rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during the first half of August 2009.


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