Meera Shadi Scandal Is She Virgin, Married, or Both? Have Your Say

Meera Shadi Scandal Is She Virgin, Married, or Both? Have Your Say

Article By Sharafat It’s weekend and in my opinion, Meera issue is more important than any of our current political or social problems. Forget sugar, as our sugar-babe is in trouble.

Forget Power crisis, as our lollywood-power is in disarray. Meera claims that she is Pakistan and the whole Pakistan knows her and she has done nothing, but the pimps (She used the words “Jisam Faroosh”) are creating all that hell.




Well, one thing is for sure that whoever is invovled in this case against Meera couldn’t be an angel or just another dick and harry. Mr. Atiqur Rehman, who claims to be husband of Meera and has accused her and her four family members of theft could’nt be a 9 to 5 homely man. Meera, the man eater is also not a 1st year college gal, as we all know that she has been trained by Maheesh Bhatt Jee, right across the border with added tips and tricks showered by Pooja Bhutt Jee.

Like Brig. Imtiaz, Meera is also a ghost of past, but more interesting and entertaining. She at least isn’t a brigadier. She is “revealing” in a sense but not in the sense, Brig Imtiaz has revelaed. We are more interested in the revelations and confessions made by the Meera, than the Brig Imtiaz and other ghosts. We are very much interested to know who in the hell this Atiqur Rehman is, did he really marry Meera, and if he did, then what happened, and if he didn’t as Meera claims, then from where in the hell those lovely pictures of her with him came, and what about those love-encriched phone calls, which Atiq presented to media. Wait, why Atiq tapped those phone calls at the first place? Can you smell a rat there?

The stage is set. Case is filed against Meera, and Meera has obtained bail before arrest from the court and intends to hold multiple press conference to tell it all. Other party has also pledged to expose Meera and the media is already salivating. Could it be a stunt by PML-N or even agencies to divert the attention of people from the Brig Imtaiz or his revelations? Any way, nation is not going to forget Musharraf either because of Imtiaz or Meera.

So what do you think?

Is Meera Virgin, Married, or Both?

Is Imtiaz True, Liar, or Both?

Have Your Say !!!

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