Ouch! Bride turns out to be a boy


What is worse than the situation when a shying young bride actually turns out to be a boy. This unfortunate incident took place with 37-year-old Balak Ram, a resident of Badaun in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, Balak Ram paid Rs 50, 000 to get married to Hukum Singh, a dance troupe leader, who had promised him to find a bride. As per his promise, Hukum Singh introduced Balak Ram who is reported to be mentally unsound, to a 29-year-old Raj Kumari and within 48-hour their wedding was solemnized. The wedding function was attended by number of Balak's relatives and friends. A whole week after the wedding, Balak Ram discovered to his disappointment that his shying young bride, Raj Kumari was actually a Raj Kumar.

He was, in reality, a 15-year-old boy. Police investigation revealed that Rajkumar (the bride) was a member of Hukkam Singh's dance troupe, and had agreed to don the role of bride for Rs 10,000. During the questioning, Rajkumar told that Hukum Singh advised him to run away from the village whenever he get the chance. Though, the matter has reached at police station, but still the cops are unsure over how to proceed in the case. 


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