Is Kashmala Tariq Product of Bed Politics?

By Gul Raiz In the West it is quite common that some of the more ambitious ladies blatantly use thier beauty, looks and charms to rise above, but in the quite different Pakistani society.

And especially in the heavily male-dominated political horizon, women tends to remain on the sidelines. Either women cash in on the name of their family name, father or husband name, or they get selected on the special reserved seats for the women.

kashmala tariq



Many female got a chance to reach the parliament as former dictator Musharraf increased the women seats in assemblies by manifold. Sumaira Malik, Kashmala Tariq, Hina Rabbani Khar and many others appeared on the horizon with their share of fame. Almost all of them belonged to the King’s party, PML-Q and as the Musharraf went packing, these ladies also flew here and there to find new pillars.

Kashmala Tariq was known in Islamabad for quite a time and she was struggling to find her way to the power corridors and then she got her break through the Chaudhry Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi and she became a very fast friend of former minister Humuyun Akhtar Khan, son of a general who died with former dictator General Zia in the plane crash. Kashmala developed her differences from the Chaudhries and she left Q league even before the Humuyun Akhtar but she remained loyal to the Musharraf and even toured the United States as his ambassador and defended him across the US.




There are many scandals circulating about Kashmala Tariq and about her background, though nothing conrete has materialized. Firdous Ashiq Awan, a very close aide of President Zardari has outbursted and has accused Kashmala that she used the beds of people to rise in the politics and she said that Kashmala hails from the heera mandi, the red light area of Lahore. Beautiful Kashmala Tariq went yellow, when Firdous made these accusations live in the T.V programs. Kashmala doesn’t look that type. What do you think?