Inter-Risk Company, US-Contracted Security Firm, Raided By Pakistani Police

Inter-Risk Company, US-Contracted Security Firm, Raided By Pakistani Police

 After Blackwater a.k.a Xe, another name Inter-Risk is now circulating in the country and the people are getting more and more alarmed and apprehensive as what is going on. Inter-Risk is the company which has been hired by the US guys in Islamabad to provide security at the embassy and consulates and the contract took effect this year.

Pakistani police raided the offices of the Inter-Risk and produced state-of-the-art weapons without proper documentation. Are we mad that we are losing our army men and civilian in FATA and other places in war against terror. We could easily strike peace accord with these terrorists and let them have whatever they want in Afghanistan leaving Pakistan at peace, but we are with world and US and acting as their frontline and yet they are facilitating such covert bloody organization in Pakistan. Why?

If our government is stricken with NRO and fear, then we are not and we demand a clarification from the US as why they are using private arms contractors and the assassin organization like Blackwater in Pakistan?

inter risk and balckwater islamabad

Do you have any evidence, pictures or anything to prove that Blackwater is in Pakistan? If yes, please share in the comments.


captain syed ali jaffar zaidi,captain zaidi

ISLAMABAD — Police raided a Pakistani security firm that helps protect the U.S. Embassy on Saturday, seizing 70 allegedly unlicensed weapons and arresting two people. The incident follows a series of scandals surrounding American use of private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.


pakistani police raid on Inter risk

The raid on two offices of the Inter-Risk company is especially sensitive because of a slew of recent rumors and media reports that U.S. embassy expansion plans in Pakistan include hiring the security firm formerly known as Blackwater.

The U.S. says there is no truth in the reports, but they have resonated with the many Pakistanis familiar with allegations that Blackwater employees were involved in unprovoked killings of Iraqi civilians.

Police official Rana Akram said that two Inter-Risk employees were arrested and being questioned. He said authorities were also seeking the company's owner, a retired Pakistani army captain.

Reporters were shown the weapons – 61 assault rifles and nine pistols – that were seized by dozens of police from the sites in pre-dawn raids in the capital, Islamabad.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Rick Snelsire said the U.S. contract with Inter-Risk to provide security at the embassy and consulates took effect this year. It is believed to be the first U.S. contract for the firm, Snelsire said. He did not know how long the contract was for or what it was worth.

"Our understanding is they obtained licenses with whatever they brought into the country to meet the contractual needs," he said. "We told the government that we had a contract with Inter-Risk."

A man who answered the phone number listed for the company and identified himself as Riaz Hussain said a raid had occurred, but gave no more information.


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