Meera hat-trick of ditching media

Meera hat-trick of ditching media

LAHORE: Film actress Meera for the third time ditched media by absenting herself from the press conference announced by her for Sunday at dress designer BG’s place in Gulberg.

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The troubled actress informed media on Saturday that she would hold a press conference on Sunday where she would make some ‘important disclosures’ about her controversial marriage.

In the press conference, to be held at 2pm at BG’s place, the actress was to provide media with the audio recording of an Indian film director, Faisal Saif, allegedly confessing to produce ‘fake’ marriage pictures of Meera and Attiq.

The media people kept waiting for the actress for almost two hours but she did not appear.

After being contacted by various reporters telephonically, and some TV channels repeatedly flashing images of media people standing outside the press conference venue, the actress announced she was reaching there in 10-15 minutes.

However, in a very ‘filmi’ style, the actress parked her car on a road near the press conference venue and contacted some of the reporters by phone, telling them she was afraid of the media and could not appear there. As some of the TV cameras tried to grab footage of her car, it sped away.


The actress, when contacted by phone in the evening, said her lawyer would decide about the press conference date and would provide recordings to the media. She said the press conference scheduled for Sunday was a ‘misunderstanding’ on her part.

On the other hand, Attiqur Rehman reached at BG’s place as some of the TV channels decided to talk to him. Standing outside BG’s house and answering the questions, Attiq denied the allegation that he was making life threatening calls to Meera.

He said he would contact FIA cyber crime branch to inquire about the ‘fake’ e-mails showing he demanded money for a compromise with the actress.

His lawyer Sheikh Waqar alleged the police investigation was partial. He said the G-Block house where the controversial marriage allegedly took place was in the use of Meera for the last one-and-a-half year.

Attiq had also brought a chair with him to prove it was the same on which he sat during the marriage ceremony.

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