A society gone warped [NAKED TRUTH]

A society gone warped [NAKED TRUTH]

Posted by Shyema

In a completely shameful and appalling incident, three women in Phoolnagar village, Lahore were subjected to torture and made to walk naked in public. A report stated that the women were accused of prostitution and therefore their house was attacked and they were ‘punished’ for allegedly being involved in prostitution and running a brothel – ‘allegedly’ being the key word.

What sort of a society are we in which we allow women to go through this humiliation day after day? Leave honour killings and domestic abuse aside for a minute – this isn’t about that. This is about assuming one can take the law in their own hands and punishing women according to what suits their taste best.

Sandeela Kanwal

Sandeela Kanwal, 25, was found dead on her bedroom floor last July. Her father told police he strangled his daughter with a bungee cord because she wanted a divorce.

According to the report, Union Council Nazim Ilyas Khanzada confirmed that this incident took place and police registered a case against the women for allegedly running a brothel. Registration and arrests are understood and accepted but what about the men who tortured them and made them walk naked? Nothing against them? Do we salute their righteousness for locating these women and making a public spectacle out of them? Pity that these are the steps we take to teach ‘others a lesson’.

justice for pakistani women

How can we talk about bringing justice to women when such a mindset and warped way of thinking still exists in our country? Just because we have taken the colossal task of fighting the war on terror, do we ignore these incidents? Do we book an accused every few months, give a column or two to the victims and then forget about it? If we are capable of claiming victory against militancy, how are we not capable of wiping out such demons from society? Aren’t the two linked anyway – Pakistan’s big fight against terror should also include such perpetrators as what bigger form of terrorisation can there compared to that of attacking women and parading them naked on the street. Who are the bigger terrorists – those that flogged a girl in public or those who humiliated these women in public?

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