MQM Leader Altaf Hussain threatening to Punjabi leaders

MQM Leader Altaf Hussain threatening to Punjabi leaders

MQM Leader Altaf Hussain threatening to Punjabi leaders in London on his 56th birth day.He is telling them that MQM is coming to Punjab.Be ready for MQM killings.

اپنا ناپ تیار کرو، بوری ھم تیار کریں گے






In a sensational slip of the tongue, Altaf Hussain confirms MQM’s role in bodybag politics. In a political meeting in London, Altaf addressed the people and leaders of Punjab and told them to get themselves measured for ‘boris’ (bodybags) which will be provided by MQM goons when they take over Punjab

MQM has pioneered the Politics of Bodybags in Karachi since its inception. Its gangland rise from the urban ghettos to the corridors of power has been the stuff of legends and nightmares for the common people of Karachi. Its stranglehold on Karachi has come through a meticulous division of Karachi into zones of occupation called ‘Units’ and ‘Sectors’ which are run by the local ‘Unit Incharges’ and ‘Sector Incharges’ as if they were Corps Commanders. These ‘Unit Incharges’, with names like Colonol Chota and Khalid Rani, are the ones who are responsible for filling the appropriate Bodybags with appropriate corpses. Death Lists are issued weekly from Nine-Zero like death warrants, and the victims are apprehended. The victim may be coming out of a mosque, leaving home for work or picking his children up from school, it matters not to the MQM Death Squads. With their hands tied behind backs, the begging, pleading victims are made to kneel in dark alleys in areas like Kharadar, Khajji Ground or Ranchore Lines, and then shot point blank in the back of the head.

The Bodybags are then dumped in places like storm drains or vacant lots to be discovered by the terrified members of the community who get the message loud and clear: Don’t mess with the MQM. It is also a well-known slogan in Karachi: “Qaid ka jo ghaddar hai, bori ka haqdar hai” (Traitors to the Supreme Leader deserve Bodybags!)

Abdul Sattar Edhi talked about the Bodybag Politics of Karachi in Nov 95 and how the Edhi Trust ambulances had to pick up these anonymous victims, these unfortunate “Persons Unknown”, give them a decent Islamic burial and bury them in the Bodybag Cemetery. The graves marked not with their names, only with numbers. A human life, crushed in a Bodybag, is hidden under a number.

Not to be Ahmad, Muhammad, Ali or Qasim evermore, not father, husband or son ever again, here, found in a Bodybag, lies No. 34601, to rest in eternal peace.

In the video above, Altaf Hussain not only promises Bodybags in Punjab, he also hints at how he will accomplish this: Ethnic and Race politics in Punjab based on Seraiki grievances. Altaf Hussain promises to poison the land of the five rivers with Seraiki/Punjabi hatred just like he turned the City of Lights into a City of Bodybags through his Sindhi/Muhajir hate-mongering.

Not content with calling the birth of Pakistan the “grayttust blunderrr”, Altaf Hussain, confirming MQM’s role in bringing Bodybag Politics to Karachi, has promised to expand it in Punjab:


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