Americans Living in Sehala Police Training College?

Americans Living in Sehala Police Training College?

By Salman mugsi

Newspaper columnist and a famous journalist Irfan Siddiqui has revealed in his article that the Americans have built

a fortress type building within the premises of the Sehala Police Training College just outside Islamabad and they are living there right now.


This is very alarming, because it’s implications are very critical. Sehala Police Training college is just 10 to 12 kilometer away from the Kahuta. Yeah, the Kahuta.

Who has allowed these Americans? Why they are there? To Save Kahuta, or to take it into custody if terrorists attack it? What’s their objective and targets?

Why everyone is silent?


Like terrorists from Waziristan are challenging our very survival, the existence of these Americans is also akin to a major blow to our soverenigty. It’s is ridiculous to even imagine that our security agencies are not aware of the presence of these Americans.

It seems that a back channel battle is going on between the powes who are willing to give American what ever they want, and then there are forces who are now very worried about the national security. The latter forces have started acting by raiding on DynCorp, Inter-Risk and KLB agencies within Islamabad, and other cities. We have to support these forces, as at one side they are combating with the terrorists and on the other hand against the American onslaught.

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