Schools Closed in Pakistan; Fear of Terrorism; For How Long?

Schools Closed in Pakistan; Fear of Terrorism; For How Long?

By Brig. (r) Junaid Zaman

For the last couple of days, it was learned that the terrorists were planning to hijack some children school bus, especially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad area. The threat was so pervasive and taken very much seriously, and most of the schools in twin cities of Rawalpindi, Islamabad remained closed.


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Now after the attack on the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), the fear is tangible and the alarm is ringing loud, and now most of the schools, colleges and the universities will remain closed during this week. Will they open next week, or the next week? How long we can manage to keep our education centers closed down?




And more importantly what impact that is making upon the minds of students besides the loss these future of the country are suffering regard of their career and precious education time? Well, the threat is real, but this solution is not permanent or not even workable. Terrorists have ample time and they can remain dormant for a long time, as we have seen in some attacks that the terrorists remained in area for months before they struck.

We need not to panic and we need not to make our children coward and fearful. We need to talk to our girls and boys, let them know about the threat, ask them to keep vigil, make them understand the danger our country is in and about the menace of terrorism. Make them strong and bold and make them learn to live in the tough times. When they will emerge from these times, they will be far ahead to face the life as compared to other kids of this world.

Schools and colleges must employ the private security guards. Most of the schools have 3 to 4 buses at maximum with two gates. Schools should keep two fully armed guards with each bus, and two guards at the gates. Teachers must keep the hope alive and imbue courage and strength in the students.

We all are in it and we all have to face it and combat the enemy, and yes we can do it, and do we will, InshAllah.

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