Even The Dream Girl Is A Fan Of Salman Khan

Even The Dream Girl Is A Fan Of Salman Khan!


MUMBAI: Although Salman Khan may be engulfed in various controversies, but he is a man who has a huge fan following.


It is amazing to know that the dream girl of Bollywood,Hema Malini, who herself has a lot of fans and is dearly adored, is a huge fan of Salman Khan.


According to a report, the decision about Salman Khan’s ‘hit and run’ case will be announced on 6 May but Hema Malini has decided to support him.

She said: ‘ Salman Khan is the most famous and loved hero of today, besides, he has a mesmerizing personality’


‘But he went through an incident that was difficult to avoid, but we are all with him and are waiting for proper decision, she added.


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