A lesson to learn as a Pakistani

A lesson to learn as a Pakistani

by: malik

Some days ago I went to an eye clinic to check the eyes of my son, My two sons were with me. I parked my car near sadiq hospital and took my sons on my right and left to cross the road. The road in front of  Sadiq hospital is not a very wide road and its  not a road where one can drive above 40 kmh.


When I was in the mid of the road A man on his car was rushing towards us with his hands on the horn. He seems very angry that we have interrupted his car speed .

I crossed the road and waved him, with saying  what the hell why you are keep using horn . and he waved me like he was saying what’s the matter with you. And he asked me to stay for him. I stopped on the side of road, He came out ,he was in his thirties and dressed nicely. The first thing he said to me what’s matter with you and I said what’s the matter with you, the second thing what he said it gave me a shock, he said the way I waved to ask him slow down, it doesn’t suet my personality.

I told him that don’t you see a person is crossing the road with kids and can’t you slow down. I kept my self calm and told him that its very uncivilized to horn without any reason. Thanks God that he felt sorry for his act and said sorry to my kids for his misbehavior. The thing which was quite a surprise that was his introduction .He was a doctor at DHQ Sargodha .


It made me in a deep thought that even our highly educated citizens are uncivilized drivers. We don’t care about elders, ladies and kids when we are driving .

Allah says in Quraan in the Surah Al Mominoon,

About the momins,when they walk on the earth they don’t walk with pride but they walk decently.

This also applies when we are driving, that we should  care about the people who are sharing the road with us.

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