Afghan Boys Allegedly Abused At Bagram  “Black Prison”

Afghan Boys Allegedly Abused At Bagram “Black Prison”

By : Derrick Crowe

More allegations of abuse have surfaced regarding U.S. forces in Bagram, Afghanistan. This time, the victims were teenage boys held at a secret, U.S.-Special-Operations-Forces-run facility.


The Washington Post reports that the two boys, “Issa Mohammad, then 17, and Abdul Rashid…younger than 16,” described being “punched and slapped in the face, photographed naked and deprived of sleep while being held in solitary confinement,” and being “forced…to look at pornography.”


In late 2009, Brave New Foundation interviewed two former prisoners of the main Bagram Air Base facility, brothers Noor and Abdul Raqeeb, who also described abusive treatment. The habeus corpus petition filed on Abdul Raqeeb’s behalf by the International Justice Network alleges he was subjected to “torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, and outrages upon his personal dignity.” No charges were ever filed against them, nor any explanation given for their imprisonment.

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