Dams and Pakistan

Dams and Pakistan

Quite recently a friend of mine who is an engineer with WAPDA had a tale to relate. It was about the fact that there was a person with WAPDA who came up with designs to modify Tarbela Dam in such a way that it would have enhanced power production by 1200-1400 MW. The modification was passed by the original company that designed Tarbela. Though this Pakistani engineer was seen to be a genius, he was not commended for his work but instead dismissed from WAPDA.


Therefore the question is whether governments are serious about resolving Pakistans power crisis. The inability of provinces and governments to resolve the Kalabagh Dam issue speaks volumes about our acumen and wisdom especially when International bodies point out that the building of Kalabagh dam will save the country from becoming a barren desert.

Brothers and sisters do we want to become a prosperous and developed nation or do we want to become another Ethopia or poor African nation that has nothing to offer its population.

Our rivers are dry. Water levels have fallen. The El Nino effect and the current dry weather have caused water levels to fall in our rivers. Agriculture forms the back bone of our nation. Without food, the masses would go hungry. Climatologists continue to warn about the impending dangers that global warming poses especially for South East Asia. Therefore we need to take drastic actions that will preserve our water resources.


Pakistan is a water stressed nation and the multitude of problems that we face today threaten to push us into the dark ages. If the weather remains dry and there are no rains when we need them, then it will impact our local harvests. Too much rain when it is not needed will destroy our crops. If rain levels remain low, then shortage of water in rivers will also impact the capacity to produce electricity.

The lack of water available for irrigating the crops can trigger droughts. Our industry is already at a stand still because of shortage of electricity. As businesses shut down, the unemployment levels continue to rise. The constant increase in fuel prices causes increases in cost of production, agricultural costs and in prices of food commodities.

Because we are fighting Americas war on terror, there is constant threat to our internal security. We have a President who is perhaps the most corrupt and despised person in History. It is a corrupt band of merry men that form our government. There are miles and miles of corrupt charges that have been proved against Asif Ali Zardari and many other politicians yet we continue to elect them again and again. Zardari promises to bring prosperity to Pakistan within 3 years. That is a tall claim !

If fuel and electricity rates continue to rise at the astronomical rates that they are we might in near future travel by donkey carts and use lanterns in our houses as a substitute for bulbs and tube lights.

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