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 Valentine's Day and Lahore

Valentine's Day and Lahore

LAHORE - Citizens showed cold shoulders attitude to the c celebrations in the City. Though it was a public holiday but there was no significant activity in the educational institutions, which is usually enthusiastic place to celebrate this day. People celebrated this day in parks and gardens.




A small number of college and universities’ students dressed in colorful clothes marked the day along with their loved ones in parks, hotels and at other public places. Jinnah Garden was filled with young couples especially in the evening.


On the other side, reports revealed that a large number of families, however, rebuked their children visiting such places. Many citizens expressed their anger over the festival while talking to The Nation on Sunday.
Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) administration has already imposed ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations on Saturday.
The LCWU administration had deputed teachers and guards at the university’s main gate to search students’ bags for Valentine’s Day gifts, and strictly warned them from holding any gatherings on campus to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) working in many educational institutions placed posters all over the campuses, hostels and at canteens inscribed with the slogans for the students to boycott all Valentine’s Day celebrations. IJT threatened to take strict action against students involved in celebrating the day. IJT spokesman said we did not permit any student to promote vulgarity on the occasion of such western festival.

He said it was quite strange to show enthusiasm to the festivals of the aliens at a time when the nation is undergoing history’s crucial time of crisis and is struck with multiple challenges. He said both of the festivals including Basant, which has Hindu origin, and Valentine’s Day, having origin to the Latin Priest Valentine, who in his frivolous pursuits set an example of illegal love affairs, which is denounced in Islam.

We have shown our hatred for such shameful and sinful act, that leads to western society which itself is the hub of illegal relations between youth, a 22-year-old veiled student, Raheela Khan, of LWCU commented. We should forbid out young generation to celebrate Valentine’s Day, she said and added as the day is attributed to young, unmarried people and students, who celebrate the day by holding each others hands or having illicit relations, which they are not supposed to be allowed in Islamic society like Pakistan.

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