A deadly kiss of Altaf to Mustafa kamal  for a Fake story of Best Mayor

A deadly kiss of Altaf to Mustafa kamal for a Fake story of Best Mayor

One of the most highlighted news by several media entities reported the nomination of Mustafa Kamal as the World’s Second Best Mayor by the Foreign Policy Magazine.
Based on a quick investigation, it was revealed that this story was a misleading and was actually fabricated to be used as a propaganda tool by MQM. In fact, Karachi has been ranked at 57th out of 60 global cities by the Foreign Policy Magazine.



 Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:35 PM
To: xxxxx@foreignpolicy.com
Subject: Verification of News item Referred to FOREIGN POLICY

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been reported in some media entities in Pakistan that Mustafa Kamal (Mayor of Karachi) has been ‘Ranked’ as # 2 in the best Mayors of the world by your organisation. Can you please verify this news item. Also what is the criteria for Ranking of Mayors ?

Thanks and Regards,


—–Reply from Foreign Policy Magazine—–

Dear Sir/Madam,


To clarify, the mayor’s mention in our magazine was not a ranking. Although Kamal was mentioned in a sidebar called ‘Mayors of the Moment’ in the article, ‘The 2008 Global Cities Index,’ this mention was not meant as a ranking per se. Rather, we meant to highlight city executives doing innovative things against enormous odds. While we applaud Kamal’s efforts, his mention in our magazine was only a small part of a larger article that ranked the world’s most global cities (Karachi ranked #57).

I hope this explains your question. Please feel free to reach me with any concerns or comments.


xxxx xxxxxxx
Media & Public Relations Coordinator

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