Jade Goody,Shilpa and Imran Khan

Jade Goody,Shilpa and Imran Khan

STOP PRESS: Mrs. Jade  Tweed(nee Goody) Died in Sleep on March 22, 2009 after suffering from Cancer.She left behind two sons and a grieving husband.

Ms. Jade Goody got into spot-light thru Big Brother(a reality show where participants live in house monitored by TV cameras 24 hours), her behaviour in BB got a lot of press coverage. Jade became a star for both good and bad publicity-as they say in show biz all publicity is OK- and it got her a lot of money and invitation into celebrity version of BB House,where her racism and bullying toward fellow star Indian film star Shilpa shetty got UK and India relations into trouble.


In a era of equality and human rights  what happened in BB house can not be allowed to be aired in any open democratic and modern society,  UK Indians felt the full media glare of racism debate focused on them and naturally tempers were flamed both in India and UK.

Jade  Goody apologised and was forgiven by Shilpa.Jade went to india to be a peace ambassador. It was on the sets of  BB India 2008  show where jade found out that she has cancer. It was devastating for her and her two kids.


Even in that moment of grief,she decided to use her celebrity status to leave behind a large sum of money and secure future for kids by employing - what can only be described as 24 hour media team with cameras - Public Relations Guru Max Cliford.

The Tabloid Press ( what Pakistanis jokingly call “Yellow Journalism” for their sensational and sensual stories) came to Jade’s help in full force. Jade hastily arranged a lavish wedding with long term boyfriend( Live Together Partner in UK language) Jack Toweed for the benefit of OK magazine and living TV who will broadcast the pictures for general public and money going for kids education fund after Jade’s death.

Jack Toweed himself has a colourful past with drugs and assult charges in the courts of law,what ever happens to Jade and her kids future. The media circus will continue their headlines to sell more newspapers in a time of economic recession.

Jade’s  media profile increased awareness of Cancer in women,her wedding and christening her sons raised the profile of religion in British Society.Will Shilpa Shetty and Imran Khan continue charity appeal on Cancer issues.

The grief felt by British public on her death has forced Politicians to issue statements of sympathy. Actor/Director Stephen Fry called her “Princess Diana” who was from Poor family and was not very well educated.
But was this a true reflection of things in British Society and British ethnic minorities?

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