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Reach to millions of net people at very affordable price the most popular & number 1 Web Portal for hot News  in Pakistan attract all type of profiles in internet world. Since after launching in July 2009, over 5 million people visited at
following advertising details are focused to each advertiser needs from large to small companies , and from traditional banner to dynamic rich media advertisement.

• Standard Banners Ad
• Rich Media Interactive Ad
• Between Posts Ad

Banner Sizes:

Header: [234x60], [468x60], [600x60]

Right area: [250x250]

Left Area: [250x250],[160x600]


Standard Banners Advertising:

For large scale companies, the opportunity is available of brand advertisement at most dominant places at For Price & more details please contact.

Rich Media Interactive Ad:

With the advent of new and improved advertising technologies, rich media has developed into a popular format for reaching and engaging consumers because the technologies allow the consumer to interact with the creative asset. For Price & more details please contact

Flash Interactive Banner :
Flash interactive banners entice the user to mouse over the ad, revealing additional information or call to action For Price & more details please contact

Between posts Ad:

We can start an advertising Campaign for your company or Product and place your ads between the popular posts so your ad could get the maximum attraction from the visitors. For Price & more details please contact 

Ad link units: for Small Advertisers

Small budgetary advertisers are also welcome to place their ad links and reach towards millions of people. Our "Ad link units" is specially designed for low cost advertisements. A "Rightbar" banner placement will give you the opportunity to your ad over 1 million views,
For Price & more details please contact 


Visitors Stats & Demographic Trends:

Following information is based on period till March 2010

  • Page Views:  Over 1 million website page views / month
  • Unique Visitors: More than 100 Thousands / month (and growing every month)
  • Segment of Population: All net users, specially young professionals, biz people and students
  • Target Region: Pakistan (90%), Rest of the World (10%)



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