SNGPL notice for gas generator users at Homes

SNGPL notice for gas generator users at Homes

While Pakistani Nation is suffering with energy crises ,SNGPl has issued notice for gas generator users. they have given home connections to use  sui gas in whatever mean people want ... Gas generators  is the only thing a middle class man can easily afford. ...  I don't know if we should use the word "subsidy" for natural gas. ... gas generators don't eat like whole bullsh*t of gas in Pakistan.


AMID the energy crisis in the country, the Sui gas authorities are all set to launch a campaign against the use of gas generators by domestic consumers that will certainly add to the miseries of people who are already fed up with loadshedding.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL) has initially scrutinised a list of about 6,000 domestic consumers who are ‘illegally’ using gas for standby power generation. The authorities will start checking of illegal gas-powered generators during house-to-house search and will cut connection on the spot. The SNGPL has warned that users of gas generators should register with gas authorities if they want to avoid action.

In the next few days, sources said, the SNGPL would launch the campaign against domestic consumers in Punjab and NWFP. They said a scrutiny exercise had been carried out by the gas authorities while analysing consumption pattern of such consumers. They said gas consumption had not been reduced gradually despite the onset of summer.


The SNGPL authorities insist that it is clearly mentioned in gas selling agreement that no domestic consumer can run generator with gas for the purpose of power generation. Similarly, the CNG filling station owners also cannot run generators with gas at their premises.

Gas-powered generators are being extensively used by domestic, commercial and industrial consumers nowadays in an effort to lessen the effects of prolonged outages. At a time when the unwise use of natural gas resources has already widened the gap between demand and supply of electricity, the SNGPL’s move to cut connection of those who are using gas generators to beat the heat is simply senseless.

The SNGPL has recently cut gas connection of about 52 commercial consumers in Punjab and NWFP on the allegation of installing illegal gas generators and now a similar action will be taken against domestic consumers.

It seems that things have messed up in the energy sector of the country due to ill-advised and reckless use of available resources. One clear example in this connection is inefficient use of gas in the country. The officials of the Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) claimed that

shortfall of electricity had increased significantly from mid-March as gas was not available for thermal generation. On the other hand, in the absence of electricity, helpless people are opting to get electricity from gas-powered generators as they have no other option.

Pepco needs 350 million million cubic feet gas per day (mmcfd) for power generation that could help generate additional 1,500MWof highly sought after electricity. However, this amount of gas is not being provided. The SNGPL claims that there is no surplus gas available for power generation by Pepco.

Had the policy makers continued their gas load management plan in summer also as shortages still existed, there could have been better use of natural gas, not only for power generation but also for other sectors. In this scenario, people are suffering in the vicious energy circle as they are apparently facing hindrances in getting sustained supply of electricity by both the SNGPL and Pepco. The SNGPL is going to cut their gas supplies on account of illegal power generation while Pepco is unable to provide electricity due to generation constraints associated with gas availability.

Tahir Basharat Cheema, Managing Director of cash-starved Pepco, told this scribe that it was most unfortunate that gas was not being provided for thermal electricity generation despite end of the winter season. He claimed that there could be substantial increase in cheap electricity generation if gas was provided for this purpose.

When contacted, A. Rashid Lone, Managing Director, SNGPL, told The News that 40 million cubic feet per day gas was being used by illegal gas generators in the northern parts of the country. He said the company was unable to provide gas for thermal power generation as demand from domestic consumers had yet to subside.

As the SNGPL was giving about 1.5 to two lakh new connections of gas every year on the instruction of the government, he said, there was no surplus gas now available even in the summer season for thermal units.

“We are providing gas to Wapda thermal stations as per agreement,” he said, adding that in the past, surplus gas was provided for electricity generation, however, now there was no surplus power available with the SNGPL. Despite this, he claimed, we had succeeded in provision of about 300 mmcfd gas presently for thermal power generation. Such thermal power plants, including Guddo, Fauji Kabirwala, Orient, Saif and Engro, were getting gas supplies for electricity generation, he maintained.

It is interesting to note that there is no check on the import of gas-powered generators in the country. Along with a vast range of such imported generators, some leading brands of generators are also available in the market. However, people wonder that if such generators are not legally allowed to use in the country, their import and marketing should have not been allowed.

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