What is the truth behind  match-fixing & no-balls accusation & 150,000

What is the truth behind match-fixing & no-balls accusation & 150,000

Lord’s, London – England: The news about the match fixing of the 4th test between Pakistan & England is still not confirmed & ‘News Of The World’ is the website who revealed this news.

The top class Pakistani Cricketers are attacked by the European media. Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team ‘Salman Butt’, fast bowlers ‘Mohammad Aamer’ & ‘Mohammad Asif’ & wicket keeper ‘Kamran Akmal’


The ‘News of the World’ claims it gave £150,000 to a middleman who promised to arrange for Pakistan to bowl three “no balls” during the match. The middleman is the suspect  ’Majeed’ caught by Police.
The News of the World accused Pakistani players that they were secretly paid to deliberately bowl “no-balls” during the Test.
As Mohammad Aamer & Mohammad Asif bowled three no-balls in the test against England.

PCB in London ==>
Pakistan’s manager said team members spoke to police at their hotel.
Earlier, Yawar Saeed told the Associated Press: “I can confirm that we are aware of the allegations and Scotland Yard police are with us now at the hotel and we are helping them with their enquiries.”
ECB ==>
A spokesman for both the England team and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said he had not heard from Scotland Yard and would not comment on the claims.
Reasons behind the allegation ==>
  • To destroy the career of professionals of Pakistan Cricket Team.
  • To ensure that there is no chance of playing cricket in Pakistan.
  • To remove the Pakistan Cricket Team from ICC test teams.
  • To demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Cricket.

Question ==>

Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010? Because the video was not prepared or the time was not good enough to leak the news. Because they were waiting for this poor performance from Pakistan & the big one is they were making video & after completing them, they went to Police on August 28, 2010.


What a nice way to demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Pakistan.

The Pakistani Stars are pushed in this situation because of their good performance & there is a probably chance that the party behind this scene also blackmailed the Pakistani players to show bad performance other wise the allegation will be imposed on them.

Effect ==>

This will fulfil all their tasks & this will put a big question mark in front of the Pakistan Cricket & its team. The Pakistan is suffering the worst disaster in its history & now this news will further hurt the nation.
Some people will satisfy & some will not, if you want to know what is true & what is wrong, don’t go on any report, even not at this one. Start research, the truth will come in front of you.
Note: I’m not representing anyone, this is just my view, anyone feel free to deny.

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