Jamshaid dastis relatives abused a flood victim girl

Jamshaid dastis relatives abused a flood victim girl

the following news is in 3rd septembers nawaiwaqt page number three as nawaiwaqt is not fully online so i will translate the news below the news says.


in muzafer garh (the native town of jamshaid dasti) a 15 year old flood victim girl was abused in flood relief camps by two men named tanveer dasti and sagheer dasti.both of them are close relatives of peoples party MNA jamshaid dasti

now lets analyse this news

jamshaid dasti is same person who was disqualified because of fake degress but was re elected by people of muzafer garh who vote for caste bases only.
this is same jamshaid dasti who beat up male and female doctors of muzafer garh hopsital injuring the doctors seriously and a doctor lost his eye in that attack too.jamshaid dasti regularly takes his mob of men and beats up respected people

now jamshaid dastis brothers or relatives have abused a flood victim girl ,thereby installing a new medal for jamshaid dasti on his chest that will help him win next elections too ! i.e if allah spares people of muzafer garh till next elections

when jamshaid dasti won the elections bbc and many other tv channels labelled it as big change ! because dasti had defeated land lords of that area who had previously won elections from here...and our media labelled dasti,s victory as a sign of " positive change" ,but as always our media was damn wrong.


you see!the matter is that its not just the land lords who are corrupt here,pakistani nation is so far away from islam that from top to bottom almost everyone is faasiq

jamshaid dasti is a good example of the above fact
who knows how many more people will lose their eyes and honour till this satan is sitting on his seat.

also it shows how useless our courts are..we are better off without them ,dasti was disqualified just as a drama and our courts too were told to just ignore when he gets reelected again,,,this is a fact that our chief justice got his seat back under a deal by america and american puppet generals,so whoever expects anything from courts is a foolish person.
our courts will act eventually!but when america and generals will tell them to do that and when time for change of government will come

also it tells us a fact.that even if land lords are finished from politics, and middle class rules , even than nothing would change.the reason being that islam is very rare and hard to find in pakistani higher middle and lower class.

once quaid e azam said in a speech that whatever is good is islam!i am repeating his words here that "whatever good qualities a person has, are due to islam in him ,and as this nation is mostly non islamic so bringing middle class or lower class etc will change nothing

till islam and islamic minded people rule pakistan nothing will change!

because its allahs promise, if someone here ever has read quran!

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