Poor Pakistani Female Doctor needs help- tragedy of Pakistani Girls

Poor Pakistani Female Doctor needs help- tragedy of Pakistani Girls


R /Sir / Madam My name is Kanta Aslam , age 24 years have just completed my MBBS studies was doing internship at cda hospital and 6 months are remaining . I belong to sargodha and we are 4 family members ( me , my younger brother ,mom, dad ) we had enough for ourselves , by the grace of Allah Almighty. But the dilemma is that we are childs of broken family as perants have not good relation with each other & living in a joint family system which is aggrevating the situation , and thats the main reason peoples are using them for there own purpose.

Now i want to tell u problem about my marrige , as my father want me to marry his sister's son NADEEM TABISH who is illitrate and not established as well. I want to marry to a person who loves me and with my own choice. Is it a sin. Living in joint family system & there is no any customs in our family to marry out of it, as we have to marry in family even though they are blind , illitrate , handicape, & if i will not obey them they will not hesitate to kill me , which is not according to our religion as well because we all are muslims .

My Father wants me to support his sister's family financialy after marrying there for whole life and to support my father's rest of relatives which are tricksters, selfish and self centered and not sincere with me or my father but just for there own benefits . But i am human being and a being a girl i have also some wishes that i want to live a simple life as other girls live with out sacrificing there all happiness and lives to peoples who are even not sincere with me , as my father's sister family behaviour good infront of my father but behind him they dont even talk to us .and also feed our father against us and my mother.

My father is blackmailing me emotionally as they sent me for better studies , without knowing that its our primary right (education), but they want to use it for there own profits throwing me in the hell forever. My father is not a bad but our relatives are just using him they are always poking in our personal life saying him we are bad for our father so he listen to them without thinking by himself.

He is doing wat ever his brother and sister say him without caring about his childrens rights as it happens in ignorant families of punjab side and our father is torchering & disgracing us infront of all family to make them happy as he do before with me my ,younger brother Muhammad Tauseef Aslam and my mother physically and saying us to get out of his house where we have no choice just to obey him wat he says, right or wrong . Now they have stopped my internship and forcibly they have dragged me back to sargodha and are beating me and saying me, "we will not let  you live if u dont marry Nadeem tabish".

I am helpless. they have taken my cell phone.  Please help me, they will not let me live. I want to give statement on press and media. i want to be free from these brutal acts. Please i am requesting you that through any mean contact my father Muhammad Aslam Zaegham and my uncle Prof. Munir sajid to rescue me. Please i need urgent help. i am requesting to GEO NEWS, EXPRESS NEWS, any other media, law forces, and any women organization to help me, i want to live. I have mentioned below the names with contact numbers and with addresses, where they are shifting me and keeping me hostage like prisoner and beating me badly every day.

i am requesting you, please contact me by any means. These names include; 1. Prof. Muhammad Munir Sajid (brother of my father) contact # 03006004915 2. Nizakat Ali.(brother of my father ) contact # 03007682639 3. Arshad Mehmood. (brother of my father ) 4. Muhammad Aslam Zagham.(my Father ) Contact # 03458603243 5. Muhammad Nadem Tabish. contact # 03006050633 6. Zubaida Bibi. (sister of my father and mother of Nadeem tabish) 7. Sakhawat, My mother brother, contact # 03008700196 8. Farhat Munir.(wife of Munir sajid) 9. Suriya Iqbal.(relative) Addresses: *Alman hospital bhera road jhawrian, tahseel shah pur , district sargodha( NIZAKAT ALI ,NADEEM TABISH) *Stadium link road sargodha house 110/3 b ( sargoda Main city) MUNIR SAJID, ASSITANT PROFESSOR IN GOVT. POLY TECHNIC INSTITUTE SARGODHA . *KAHOOT SHAREEF ON THE BHERA ROAD JHAWARIAN ( MUHAMMAD ASLAM ZAGHAM, YASIR GILLANI) *GHANGWAL SHAREEF ( VILLAGE NEAR THE JHAWARIAN )( MUHAMMAD ASLAM ZAGHAM , MAHAR MUHAMMAD MUDASSAR ALI) MAHAR LAAL KHAN HATAAR . THE MAN,S HOUSE WHERE MY FATHER IS LIVING KANTA ASLAM NIC # 38404_3803344-8 ADDRESS.MUHALLAH ,LUDIYANA JHAWARIAN , TAHSEEL SHAH PUR DISTRICT SARGODHA . 

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